DWG does not import

I need to import cad file into my sketchup model to update it as per the cad file I am however having trouble importing cad file into my sketchup model. When I import it, it doesn’t show up in the model. Any tips on what I can do please?

Try Shift+Z (shortcut for Camera > Zoom Extents)

There is a big blue box but nothing in it

It means you have selected a group (your dwg). Maybe your dwg file contains, in addition to the information you wanted, other entities far from Origin.
Open Outliner and see what it contains.

Have you looked at the DWG file using a viewer to make sure you can see something in the original file?

Is it possible that there are entities but you have a setting that renders them invisible?

What viewer do you mean? It is a simple line drawing I have stripped it off all hatches and other featrues

Autodesk have a viewer (for example) that allows you to see what the drawing looks like in Autocad. But it sounds as if you have already seen the drawing in Autocad or a clone.

You could try uploading the SU file here to see if others can reproduce your issue.

And the DWG.