Duplicate viewport offset distance

Small (but usefull) feature request for @SketchUpTeam to improve Layout workflow

When duplicating viewport in Layout new viewport will be placed at some predefined offset distance.

Could you please make this offset distance such that one could use shift+arrow keys to easily move it exactly back into same position? This is useful when setiing up overlaid viewports or one drawing above the other so that they are exactly aligned.


I support this. I wish we could use the arrow keys as we do in SU to lock the direction. I find the way it works in LO means that something you move can bounce around all over the place, seemingly at random. Not as easy as you would expect.

BTW, shouldn’t this be in Feature Requests?

You’re right, moved it to Feature requests.

I’d like the offset to be zero. But I don’t mind that others choose other offsets so I agree with the FR.

When you copy-paste it, it should paste it at the same position, no?

Copy paste a viewport takes too long I copy+move it a random distance, then hit 0 key and enter. Way faster and not prone to error.

To change it to other layer just right click and move to layer afterwards.

If you want to create multiple copies in one go you can hit 0xN but then it’s harder to place each viewport at it’s own layer

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