Duplicate layer tags

Have a drawing for floor plan, made some symbols on “Electrical Symbols” layer. When I copy them to the Layer for “floor 1 electrical” layer as the active layer, they carry the “Electrical Symbols” property. That makes sense. So then I select all the symbols added and change properties to “floor 1 electrical”

If I click on any symbol, properties show “floor 1 electrical”

The wierd part: making the “electrical symbols” layer invisible makes the symbols in “floor 1 electrical” go away also. Conversely, making “floor 1 electrical” not visible does not make"electrical symbols" disappear.

Sketchup free 2017

Any thoughts?

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got set up. It sounds like incorrect usage of layers.

The only layer that does behaves like you would expected is LayerO (actually the lack of…)
Than, geometry that is isolated by making it a group or component responds to the layer of that group ( or component)

Materials applied to groups or components act the same, if a face has a texture, that texture will prevail over the applied texture of the group where the face resides.

Here is the file:

Electrical Symbols turns off Electrical FLoor one and Electrical floor

AutoSave_245R212v2.skp (544.3 KB)

My guess from two days ago was correct. You are using Layers/Tags incorreectly which is the cause of your problems. You have layers/tags assigned to raw geometry. In the following the component has one layer/tag while the geometry inside has a different layer/tag. So turning either layer/tag visibility off will impact the symbol.

Screenshot - 9_12_2021 , 12_29_49 PM

ALL edges and faces in the model should have Layer 0/Untagged assigned to them. ONLY components and groups should get layers/tags.

You are also not keeping Layer0/Untagged active which you should be doing.
Screenshot - 9_12_2021 , 12_33_00 PM

Here I’ve correct the incorrectly layered/tagged geometry.
Screenshot - 9_12_2021 , 12_34_13 PM

FWIW, this appears to be for your business. You should be using SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Make.