DSM from drone survey - maximum texture size for viewer?

hi there,

i have a quite large dsm from a drone survey calculated with capture reality - quite nice app by the way -

now i can export the model and import it to su all without problems, the only thing real sorry is the way the texture is handled… on the ios viewer its like downscaled and blurred to 4k or something like this while the original has 16k …

will there be an option in the future to set the max allowed texture resolution on the ios viewer app? in su i have activated the max tex size feature…

or is there any adviseable workflow to overcome this limit for now? like using multiple 2k textures or something like that?

thanks for any feedback

Sketchup uses, standard, only 1024x1024 pixels, setting the use max texture will double that to 2048x2048, regardless the original imported.

Dividing could be a solution, check this one from @Aerilius :slight_smile:

I suspect the available memory on various iOS devices is limited, and displaying high-resolution textures takes a lot of memory. I would expect (but don’t know) that the viewer is able to dynamically degrade visual quality just as much as necessary, at least that is what other WebGL engines are able to do.

If you have only rectangular image objects (not textures), you could split them using Large Image Splitter. However for textures on arbitrary faces the splitting problem is immensely more complex and not feasible for a simple extension.

thanks guys,

i have found that i can export the initial gsm out of capture reality with several textures… i have set the output resolution wo 2k and now its better…

although it would be a nice featuer of the viewer to adjust dynamically like webgl engines :slight_smile: