3D model imported from DroneDeploy - suggested orbit camera settings

Good afternoon,
I have imported a 3D model from DroneDeploy into Sketchup Pro to share with others. I am struggling with the Camera - Limit Orbit Camera settings for a 3D mapping project. What are the suggested settings and other considerations.
(The model is about 400 MB in size - primarily a 22 acre portion of a park with a large building.) Sharing to county officials as part of a discussion about plans for the open area.

Thank you!

This sound interesting… a couple questions… first, what is DroneDeploy? Is Limit Orbit Camera settings a part of DroneDeploy?

DroneDeploy is the product I used to acquire the photos/data for the model - it’s a great product for mapping and modeling but they do not have a way to share the model with anyone who is not a subscriber. I exported the 3d model from DD to Sketchup to share with non-DD clients. SU is great except I wanted to limit to some degree on all three axes. In edit model module on SU there are setting for doing what I want under "camera -> limit orbit camera.
In the end, I think I have figured out what I needed by trial-and-error - the model isn’t perfect but it gets what I need done for right now.

Interesting. Unfortunately, SU won’t allow you to limit how the model is viewed, but you could use Scenes to offer the viewer specific views of the model. The limiting of orbit in SketchUp is a tool that maintains the horizon in your model (so you don’t get end up in a crazy upside down view).

Glad to hear you got something figured out though!