Drum Chest of Drawers?

Round Chest of Drawers (5).skp (351.6 KB)

I saw a picture of a “drum chest of drawers” and decided to try to model it. I have no idea of the dimensions and just winged it. To look like the picture, the staves would have to be veneered. The picture only had three drawers. I added to two little ones above them. Does it look like it’s name or is it a trash can chest of drawers. :laughing:


I started making the first scene (Exploded View) and noticed I had some errors in placement of drawer keys, alignment of the bottom, unnecessary grooves, and in outliner the dreaded box around the component symbol on a couple of staves, 26" #3, and #4 (deja vu all over again). I’m in the process of making corrections but have to stop now or I won’t get any woodworking done today. My work order process was inefficient, I made changes as I progressed, and I started from scratch one time, too.

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This is a screenshot of the scene where I found my errors. When I started checking out outliner, I found out some more. I didn’t explode all the big drawers, because they are all
alike. I learned how to make the mortise for the drawer handle on the curved front. I copied/moved the top edge of the drawer front and brought it down half way. I did the same with the left edge. I drew a circle the size of the handle where the lines intersected. The perimeter line of the circle was darker where it was not in contact with the drawer
front. I drew vertical lines inside the circle at those endpoints and used the rotate tool to bend those parts of the circle until they contacted the face. Then I copied/moved the circle perimeter the depth of the handle (1/8"). I connected end points until the inside of the mortise had faces and softened the lines with the erasor/control (tilde). Voila, a mortise. Oh yeah, inspector found internal faces or reversed faces that needed to be fixed.

Round Chest of Drawers (5) (SU 2017).skp (1.0 MB)

With the correctly created model (concentric elements), in SketchUp Make with FredoSketch

By not using offset and a single circle from which to start and work everything (even the sqares), you make your work much more difficult


Round Chest of Drawers (6).skp (1.6 MB)
Making scenes for this was time consuming because of all the parts. There are lots of dimensions needed in order to have a clue to use it in the shop. It also is hard to align and build piece by piece. Tagging helped, because I could turn visibility off and on from outside to inside. Still I had to fix lots of errors where stiles, keys, dowels, grooves, and mortises had to be realigned.