Joinery Challenge

Just seeing if there’s any woodworking sketchup heads that can help crack this joint i think i designed. I’ve seen it done in traditional chinese furniture but not with rounded components. was leaning towards ash for the wood, all 1 5/8" thick, any advice would be appreciated
p.s. sorry for the ■■■■ model, just getting it to that point took a fair bit of effort3way_miter.skp (52.4 KB)

What is it you want to do work out the joint itself? Or are you just trying to glean up the join between the three parts like so?

Do the parts need to be cylindrical? Do things like tenons need to be hidden? What can the joiner be made of? Metal?

Maybe a metal joiner and epoxy?


Just curious, is this the joint you are looking for?

Anybody can cut it like that. :smiley:

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Well, I was going to leave the cutting to him, all he asked was if someone could do it in SU. And I wanted to know it “that” was the joint.

FWIW, I’m fairly sure I could do that joint, maybe not on the first try. But I could. Ok, maybe not on dowels so to speak.

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I could do it too either in wood or SketchUp but I’m too lazy tonight.

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Well, if it’s not the joint he’s looking for, it would be a waste of time. So I will await his response.

PS. I am pretty sure you could, in either medium.

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3way_miter tried.skp (144.6 KB)
had trouble with the dowel cut and trim… a facet wasn’t cooperating. probably need the dave method.


Nice pegging! That would work!

this and google search opium furniture had me thinking

down, how to hit that angle?

The fastest way would probably be to create a disk and slot


Try that with a triangle. It may be easier to cut (at least by hand).
Edit: thought I’d drop in a pic. We’ve been having power and connectivity problems in this part of the world.


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I tend to design most things within the scope of my abilities and resources or tools to produce it. A flat bottom slot made with a pullsaw would be easy though not as deep as one made with a common slot cutter in a router. A flat slot cut with a table saw would still be very shallow, Cutting by hand would present a problem removing the subtrahend (did I make that word up?)

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Y’all killed it!, surprised by the quick and extensive response, love mics_54’s solve and Shep’s triangle addendum, don’t have welding access at the moment but am leaning hard towards DaveR’s metal tenon solution, down with the pegging haha but unsure how to cut that. to clarify the purpose, this is for fine furniture micron thick shaving type ■■■■ so subtle intricate is kind of the theme. i’m in los angeles area and at the moment have limited access to a workshop, trying to build some ■■■■, if anyone’s down i got a vision, if you got idle hands hit me up, thanks again everyone

also i’d be incredibly grateful for some .skp files

3way_miter disk.skp (169.5 KB)

I didn’t save the file after making the screen shots.

Beautiful video.
Never seen DaveR utter an untruth before :joy:
I must stick to my bookbinding hobby. Sloppy handiwork is much easier to hide in a book than in joinery.


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