Drawing erased at import from 3D Warehouse

I have problem with importing from 3D Warehouse in a specific drawing. Every time I import anything the complete drawing is replaced with a specific import (a red room with tables and chairs).

I think I know how this was trigged. At one point in time I actually tried to import the red room with the table and chairs. The import failed and I continued to work. Later when I tried to import again this problem showed up.

I can get back my drawing by using the history but I can no longer do any new imports.

I have tried to log on from a different browser. I have tried to exported my current drawing to 3d warehouse and import in a new drawing. This result in an error when trying to import.

I hope there is a solution to this because I have invested some effort in this drawing.

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Can you share your .skp file? Very likely there’s a simple explanation but it will be easier to sort out with the model. Otherwise we’re just guessing.

Yes, of course. Thanks for such fast reply.

Try downloading using this link:


I tried to reproduce it now and first it did actually not happen and the import worked fine. However, when I tried again with “Wardrobe 50UNI NATUR” I got the same behavior again.

// Sven

OK. So I see your model fine. And when I import that component, it goes in a long way from your model and it’s huge! Nearly 1 and a half kilometers tall. Your model is still where it was. It’s not being deleted. It’s just that relative the the component, your model is miniscule.

If you really have to use that thing, download it into a separate file and fix it before adding it to your project model.

Here you can see how far the imported component is from the origin. Straight line distance from the origin is more than 10 Km.

Wow, interesting. :slight_smile: I thought I just imported a small wardrobe but it must be the component held something totally different:

That’s different than what I got the first time I selected it from the Warehouse. This time it imports at a somewhat reasonable size but it occluded the view to the rest of the model and since the author hid the edges in the component, it could make it look like your screen has gone white.

(I hate seeing models with all the edges hidden. One of many reasons I prefer to make my own components rather than use those made by others.)

By the way, you’ve got some exposed back faces to attend to.

Ah, nice, I got it important properly as well now. I first imported the big red room by importing the wardrobe. I found my original drawing close to origo. From there I could delete the big red room and at second import of the same wardrobe I got the wardrobe properly imported.

As you see I am a beginner but now when I start to get some flow in the work it really brings value when it comes to planning some changes to the kitchen.

Good you mentioned the back faces. I had noticed the different colors but not yet reflected on why it looked like that.

Thanks for your help!


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