Drawing disappearing when I go to zoom in

Hi, I have been modeling this property with sketchup and now want to add materials / more details. When I go to zoom in now my drawing disappears… I have attached screen shots. This is so incredibly frustrating! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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As always, we can’t give a definitive diagnosis without seeing the model itself. Can you share it via upload to a reply here (if smaller than about 15MB) or by upload to a sharing site such as DropBox, make it public, and then provide a link here.

The behavior suggests there is something not visible, either far off screen to the side or hidden, and it is far or large enough to cause clipping in the part of the model you are viewing. If you do a zoom extents, does the desired part of the model move away or vanish?

It could conceivably also be if you have moved the drawing axes far from the model’s native axes. Right-click on any axis and see if the reset item is available.

You might have some hidden or extremely small geometry very far away from your model that’s tricking the camera.

You may also try toggling the perspective between the default and parallel projection.

Very interesting… I am going to try and fix now!

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I copied and pasted the visible drawing (not the stray parts somewhere in the distance) into a new window and seems to have fixed the problem!

Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve been trying to fix for awhile now and was getting so frustrated…

Have a great day!

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Is it possible to do this in the web version? I have the exact same problem.

Share the .skp file and we’ll see if we can get it sorted out for you.

Try this procedure:

1 - Orbit, pan ans zoom untel you see all of the part of the model that you want to preserve.

2 - Select all. This selects everything, including any stray geometry that you don’t want.

3 - Press and hold down the Shift key to Add/Subtract from the selection.

4 - While still pressing the Shift key, do a window Select around the part of the model you want to preserve. This deselect this part. The stray geometry is the only part that remains selected.

5 - Press the Delete key. This erase the stray geometry.

6 - Save the model in case of a crash. You can’t get safe enough.

Notice that the stray geometry or part of it might still be in the model if it was aligned with the view that you used for deletion. Orbit the model and turn it 180° approximatively. This sent any stray geometry in the opposite direction.

Rebat the procedure to be certain that only the interesting part of the model remains.

Verify with a Zoom extent.