Zoom causes drawing to disappear!

I am using Sketchup Pro 2017 in 2D construction drawings mode. Yesterday and today I’m starting to get problems with the zoom - I normally zoom with my mouse wheel, but I find that if I now zoom too much (even to be able to see all the drawing at one time, i.e. not that much), two things can happen:

  1. The drawing disappears completely and there is no way to get it back using the mouse or the zoom tab.
  2. It automatically zooms right out until everything is a speck in the centre of the screen. From here you have to shut down and reopen.

I am using this for work so really need to get this sorted out as I can’t work at the moment. Any help appreciated!

Check on this.

Great thanks. I’d actually already done what they suggested in that post (to copy drawings and save into a new file). That helps for a while until at some point it goes back to its naughty phase and you lose all your work. Defo some glitch here…