Drawing a site map

how do you draw a site map to show topography

It depends upon what information you have to start with. What have you got?

I have a .dwg file that I imported. do I just have to trace over it? I
guess my hand is not very steady because when I trace the grade lines it
is very jumpy.

Can you share the DWG file? You ought to be able to use the lines in it, though SU doesn’t import all kinds of DWG entities.

Likely you can just explode the imported file and you’ll have the edges for the elevation lines. You’ll probably have to add a few lines to get faces to fill before you can use Push/Pull to create elevations if it isn’t already a 3D file.

How do I explode in Sketch Up?

I imported the .dwg file but it stays as one entity who do you explode
it or make it become individual lines?

fiddler.dwg (1.06 MB)

sorry, I answered my own questions. I get confused sometime when
working in AutoCAD and then switching over. (Plus I have a terrible
cold.) Thanks for your help.


Thank you, I figures it out. I get confused sometime when switching
between AutoCAD and Sketch Up plus I have a terrible cold right now and
not thinking straight. Thanks for your response.

AutoCAD always gives me a terrible cold too :wink:

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