How do I import solid contour lines from a .dwg?

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble creating my site topography. I have a site plan with 1’ contour lines in an Archicad file that I’ve converted to a DWG. My issue is that these are all polylines and when I import the file to Sketchup, each polyline segment is its own line. I really do not have time to go selecting all of these to group them. We’re talking a couple dozen line segments per foot. Is there a way to import them as solid, or is this something that begins with the DWG file? Thanks!

What kind of problems?

WOW. Not once did I ever come across “Weld Edges” while googling this. That’s exactly what I needed, thank you!

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Why do you want to weld them? If the idea is to make a solid sted model there is no need th have them weld. The SketchUp way of connected Lines is just that, Lines that are connected.

I find the easyest way to make a step model is to flatten it, make faces, and pushpull up your heights.

I wasn’t trying to make a step model, rather a surface matching the terrain with the sandbox tools.