Draw bubble outline for construction document change


I have some changes to a permitted construction document set and I need to draw the bubble outline around the new details and the regions of the plan where they occur.

Does LayOut have a tool or plugin for the bubble outline?

I guess I could make a perimeter of half-circles, but I think convention is to have inconsistency in the size and outline of the bubbles. I guess I could also have it printed, and then bubble by hand to capture an inconsistent effect.


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There currently isn’t an option for bubbles in LO although there’s been requests. Maybe in LO2017. In the meantime, you could draw your own and add it/them to a scrapbook page for later use. There’s no reason they couldn’t have inconsistently sized outlines.

You could also draw them by hand and scan them. Make them PNGs with transparent background and insert them as needed.

If you do a google search for Layout scrapbooks there are some out there that include ‘clouds’ in them that you can resize and use

also try

I would simply use the built-in border option for text. You can choose a solid or broken line, change the colour, etc.