Revision Clouds for LayOut

Sure would be nice to have a simpler method for revision clouds in LayOut. You guys REALLY NEED TO ADD THIS. I know I’m just one of many who have asked for this. How hard can it be? My old CAD program had this feature over a decade ago. You need this - otherwise LayOut is not a true document builder for construction. Can’t imagine why you have not done this - very puzzling.


What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? What operating system? What graphics card? (“Designer” is not the answer to that question. Please complete and correct your profile.

SketchUp Pro 2022 in Windows 11. NVIDIA graphic card. I am a residential building designer having used SketchUp since version 1 with @Last Software way before Google and Trimble.

The fix is simple - don’t make any revisions!

All kidding aside, I agree, a bubble cloud line type is long overdue. The scrapbook cloud simply does not work as a revision cloud. And yes it has been requested for years. I requested it back in LO version 3. I draw all of mine with 2 point arcs and it is SLOW!


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