Revison Cloud Tool or Linetype needed


We use Sketchup and Layout to create our design concepts and then create Construction Documents. However sometime we need to make changes to these construction documents. Thus we have a need for a easy Revison Cloud tool similar in function to that in Autocad. It could even be a line type.


I don’t know that tool, but if you only need to color lines to show modifications, you can us the style setting “Color: by material” and paint them with a color.


SketchUp or LayOut don’t support complex linetypes, but a workaround could be built in SketchUp as a dynamic component (an arc component set to be repeating). It would be better if it could be a LayOut page element, like all 2D annotation elements.



We use layout for our construction documents as well. We created various sized and shaped revision clouds and saved as a scrap book in layout. Once a revision has been implemented you can place a revision cloud from the scrap book and resize to suit the area of change.


I wrote this tool ages ago
It’s a script to draw a 2d revision-cloud in SketchUp, following the cursor.
You could then copy that line-work into Layout and add it to a Scrapbook…


This is a very basic drafting feature that needs to be implemented