Cloud Correction Feature Request

Hi I use Sketchup/Layout to draw blueprints for solar projects out in California. I always have to submit plan corrections to city building departments and when I do I have to cloud the corrections as shown in the image below. This is very slow, time consuming, and tedious. But I think I have come up with the solution!

Here is a example of what I’m talking about…

This is the solution tell me what you think!

Thanks for you time!

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Works for me but how did you add the line style?

He’s just proposing a new feature, or rather, a proposed line-style method for implementing a general new cloud-correction feature that many others have also requested. I really like this idea of approach. It seems more elegant than creating a new cloud-shape tool.

With photoshop! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes Katya, I love looking for solutions that involve the least amount for UI change. If you can do the same thing with an existing tool its always an improvement over an entire new workflow.

I like this idea, too. I just didn’t catch that it’s an addition to the line styles.

A “cloud” linetype would require the addition of a line style based on geometric objects. I use two applications that can do this. In Archicad you can draw a shape and copy-paste it into a line style editor. AutoCad’s line types are text files that, besides dashes and dots, can contain, as “complex linetypes” text strings or geometric shapes that have been previously compiled into their .shx shape file format.

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