Cloud Corrections Feature Request

Hi, I put together a way that adding cloud corrections could be made very easy.
I am not able to post multiple photos yet (new user restrictions) so I reached out to the sketchup support team to help me upload the photos below.

The idea is basically to have the clouding option live in the “dashed line” section of the shape style tool.

Let me know what you think below.

What photos?

These pictures! I love this idea. Nice job on the pictures, too. I’m going to share this post with some people.

Sorry it took them a bit to put online I’m still new to the forums and can’t post images. They are live now.

Thanks for posting the images but just so you know you missed the middle picture.

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Ah. I wondered. I only had two images from the email, and one was repeated. That middle one was missing, and it’s too good to miss!

Im thinking about reposting the thread because I can post pictures now.
That way everything is in order…
Then we can delete this thread. Is that ok?

Sure! It would be best if you will also link to that thread at the bottom of this thread, since I already shared this post url with people.

This is the post with all the pictures played out in order! sorry about that :slight_smile:

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