Create your own line type in LayOut


I want to create my own linetype in LayOut. We use here specific linetype in our construction documents. For example we use a line with text for rain drainage or gas.


Hi Andreas-

That feature is definitely on our list of “common feature requests”. I’ll add another vote for it!



My vote is probably already there. What if it were possible for LO to use (AutoCad) .LIN files ? There are a zillion already around, and it is a simple text file easy to edit yourself.



I’m voting for this too. (EI: Linetype for chainlink fence, all type of fences, train tracks, hatchline for building and the famous Insulation zig zag.)

The problem is: customer are used to those standards and when I provide them a site plan with different linetypes, they are disturbed and confused and that play against me! Also, most of my customer print in B&W so the linetype become a must in those cases.

Thank you SketchUp team!


Three years (and six months) has gone by and still no way to add or edit line types? There are certain graphic standards that LayOut’s line types don’t even come close to accommodating. (Same goes with arrow heads, but that’s apparently another topic.)
Please, give us some encouragement that we won’t have to wait until retirement to get some functionality in this department.