Creating new line types in Layout


Hello all -
Is it possible to create new line types in Layout? I am looking to create line types for Architectural Site plans that have spaced letters live “E” for an electrical line. Is this possible?
I haven’t had any luck so far. I believe Style builder is just for creating styles in Sketchup.


You could create a scrapbook item using a line and text boxes but there is no facility for creating new line types.

Yes. This is true.


LayOut doesn’t have this feature yet, but it’s been on our feature request list for as long as I’ve been here (4 years). That’s about all I know… I’ll add a +1 to the feature request.



+1. How about implementing the AutoCad .lin linetype definition format? Today, many applications (Rhino, for instance) seem to be using the linetype and pattern definition formats used by AutoCad. There are a zillion available, and creating your own is relatively straightforward with Notepad, for instance.



That’s a good idea - we’d probably pick one of the pre-existing formats like .lin to carry the information.

The biggest challenge of this work is that we’ll need to add the ability to draw these lines, which is not currently supported by our third-party graphics libraries.