Upgrade to 2022 Pro?

I’m still using Sketchup Pro 2020, even though I have paid for the 2022 subscription version. I know, but I am still using 2020 for a couple of reasons.

I just bought a new MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip, which ostensibly has the higher end Silicon graphics chip in it.

Sketchup runs fine, but Layout is unbelievable laggy most of the time. Simply using the scroll wheel to zoom in / out results in a second or three of spinning beach ball. Even on relatively light files.

On occasion, Layout runs reasonably well, but I have no idea what I’m doing different between slow session vs speedier session

Does 2022 run natively on the Apple Silicon or is it still using Rosetta translation? Does Layout run any better? It’s really unusable in it’s current state.

Really disappointed that Layout still doesn’t offer revision clouds yet. Hard to imagine a vaild reason this isn’t standard.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


You can certainly create a scrapbook of revision clouds to match your desired style.

Dave, there’s no excuse for Layout not to have revision clouds. I’ve done the Scrapbook thing, but it’s clunky at best; sometimes, many times, it just doesn’t work to scale an otherwise static cloud outline. It should be a line selection. I have a PDF mark up app on my iPad that offers revision clouds (which is how I do it now after outputting the Layout file as PDF). Really, how hard can it be to program this natively into the application? And, would anyone complain?

Sorry. I guess I don’t understand what’s so difficult about making revision clouds. Sure they could add them in the Scrapbook but they aren’t difficult things to make. Oh well. I regret suggesting it. Sorry.

Nothing to be sorry for, Dave. We just simply disagree. No big deal. I know you’re an ardent supporter of Sketchup and Layout, and I like using them too. But, objectively, there are any number of improvements that have been requested over the years and Trimble’s pace seems glacial at times.

Specifically with the revision clouds - sometimes a 4 sided cloud will do in a rectangular shape; sometimes ya need something like an equilateral triangle; sometimes a pentagonic (is that a word) shape, sometimes - well, I think I’ve made my point. You could create a scrapbook with every shape you think you’d need - and then discover that you need yet one more…

Anyway, hope all is well with you, Dave. Always a pleasure.

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Still searching, I read something about monitor resolution settings, so I played around and found that this does affect Layout performance. So, that may well be the answer.

I’m not a Mac user but from my casual reading I believe one of the major points of 2022 is that it runs natively on M1.
I have been known to be wrong tho.

Yes, SketchUp and Layout 2022 run on M1 chip natively.

Wrong?! Say it ain’t so, Box! :laughing:

Thanks! I may have to try it out…