Construction circle for bolt hole location

Is there an availiable plug in for a construction circle for bolt hole location that is not a solid line circle?

What version of SketchUp are you using? SketchUp Free or SketchUp 8? And if SketchUp 8, the pro version or the free version. Please remove the confusion from your profile.

As @DaveR implied, correct info in your profile is important in this case because web SketchUp can’t run plugins at all and some plugins might not be compatible with desktop version 8.

That said, could you explain better what you mean? If you mean a circular construction line (aka guide) there is no such thing in SketchUp though it has been a feature requested many times.

If you are using the ancient SketchUp 8 there is a plugin from that will convert edges to dashed lines. I expect that should your hobby needs. If you were using SketchUp Pro you could add the bolt circle in LayOut which would mke more sense. Here’s the result of using the Dashed Line plugin on the left and drawn in LO on the right.

Thank you. That answers my question.

What answered your question?

Tried to reply but it tells me the reply typing area is is empty.

Your last visual explanation, “using the Dashed Line plugin on the left and drawn in LO on the right”.

Dave how do i get into my profile to edit it? I probably asked this before but i have forgotten how i was to bring it up.

Click on the C in the green circle at the upper right side of the forum screen. Then Preferences and Preferences again.

There are a couple of extensions that allow you to create custom guides, including circles. My preference is Fredos Curvizard.
As you see here it is quite customizable, and once you have the settings the way you want you can do it from the context menu or even a keyboard shortcut.

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Dave I went into my profile and i don’t see a NON WEB sketchup 8 listed. Again, as i told you before it was downloaded from the internet It is sketchup 8 & the version as noted in my profile. What should i do to remove what is confusing?

The license type would either be Pro or Make. You indicated you have LayOut so it must be Pro.
Screenshot - 8_20_2022 , 9_36_28 AM

Free (web) refers to the web-based version. SketchUp 8 is a desktop version.

Sorry. I deal with dozens of users every week. I can’t remember what version everyone really has. In order to be able to give correct answers to questions, we depend on the information in the profile to help. Many users put bogus information in their profiles which just makes it harder to assist them. If I’d known for sure that you are using Pro and have access to LayOut, I woul have given you that solution in my first post instead of having the thread drag out.

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I use this extension - extremely simplistic but does what it is supposed to. Right-click on the line or arc for the contextual menu and then click “convert to construction line.”