[Draw a nut] Erased faces when exploding

Hi guys, I’m trying to create a nut to be printed with 3D printer.
My nut is 5/8" - 11 - UNC.
I followed some videos found on youtube Nicer Screw Thread In SketchUp ( 3D Printable + Nut Thread ) 2020 Update notice - YouTube (there were some missing features I supposed I had to seitch to Sketchup-Pro, but onse done many features were still missing, I don’t know if just missing plugins or else…).
I create some helix (using arc or curve maker plugin), then I draw central cylinder, then I lift it up until top.
Then I select helix and I explode helix.
Result is this:

I set circle to 64 segments because sometimes circle and curve (for helix) having same diameter, but in fact after rotation helix is bigger than cylinder…

You probably need to be working with the model scaled up by perhaps 100. You can scale down to the normal size after creating it.

Question there . . Did you make a hex nut before using the F&P Fasteners Extension makes the holes and threads for you . . I made a part to use for making things with like book cases, shelves or Coffee table with has threads and some are external and some are internal . . Can’t say more about it trying to sell the Ideal to company . .

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