Explode problems

Hello. I am using draw helix to model a screw. The issue is when I explode the helix which is wrapped around the cylinder; the cylinder disappears. Now I am unable to scale the helix in order to form the shape of the screw. I have attached a couple of screenshots for a clearer vision. Thanks in advance for any help.

First photo is before explode, second photo is after explode.


What is the size of the object?
Could you upload the file to examine?

5mm x 5mm. Sorry, I don’t know how to upload as of yet. I am new to sketchup.

This is way too small for SketchUp to create the small faces.
Consider edges 0.1mm the minimum.
You may want to scale up your helix by 100x and only then explode it. Scale down later.
B.t.w. isn’t the helix way too detailed? The file size is going to be quite big in the end.