Draw a line parallel to a curve? Fixed distance?

Pause2.skp (1.2 MB)

I’m trying to create 3mm deep grooves (6mm wide) on the top and underside of this object 4mm from each edge. Can anyone think of a way to do that?


-Dave in IL

I tried starting over and working from a curved path an the cross section I wanted. I got this:

Which is not parallel to the ground plane at the top.

I’m out of ideas.

After you get the side face, you can use Joint Push Pull Interactive plugin (Follow feature) to push that face inwards.

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Nope, Can’t get it.

DLed and installed plugin(s). Haven’t had any luck. Please see attachment in 1st post.

Allright, i made a test with Curviloft plugin and it went better than i expected, here is the result:

sydcomeback_2.skp (1.5 MB)

I made the profile on both ends and deleted the faces. I also cleaned some stray edges in the geometry and welded edges to make ‘curve’ (You can use Curvizard plugin for that). Then used Curviloft plugin (Skinning feature). Then i unsmoothed every face and smoothed lightly with AMS Soften Edges plugin.
See below .gif for demonstration:


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Seems like you went to an awful lot of work to get to the point of being ready for the surfaces in your model. All you really need is single curve and the profile of the track. Eneroth’s Upright Extruder does the rest in one step.

And no need for correcting overly softened edges or anything other gymnastics.


That’s AMAZING!!!

And you took the time to make me a tutorial? Thank you so very very much!!!

Again, 2 ways to solve 1 problem. Thanks, you guys. You have really helped me out a lot!

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