Drape tool - creating a shape above my TIN

Hi all - any advice appreciated!
I’m following the SketchUp guide tousing the Drape Tool - “draw a rectangular face above your TIN. Then, draw the edges on the flat rectangle with the faces in X-Ray mode, so that you can see the TIN underneath. You can then erase the edges and faces you don’t need, leaving only the ones that you want to drape onto your TIN”
When I try and draw onto the raised rectangular face (which is in X-ray mode) above my TIN, my lines are dropping straight through the face onto the TIN below, taking the inference points from the TIN.
If I take it off X-ray mode, then I can draw on the raised face, no problem. But that defeats the object as I can’t see what I’m modelling onto.
Help! I’m sure it’s something really obvious that I’m doing wrong…

Thanks in advance…

Using TIG 2D Tools extension

And with native tools, painting the rectangle with material and seting the Opacity <90, then draw over


Ooh yes - great thank you! I’ll definitely try the method to reduce the opacity and see how that works!

Thanks again for your help, Alice

Brilliant! Yes that worked - thank you.

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