Downloading Issues, with Safari

Hi I am trying to download a model of the Berliner Neue Wache.
The file being downloaded is a file titled"getpubliccontent" and is nota sketch file
what am i doing wrong?
I have tried downloading various versions but i get the same un-operable file.


Hello. How exactly are you trying to download it? You should be clicking on the red Download button and choosing whichever SketchUp version you want to get.

Thanks for the response!
I did exactly that, using safari- a 1 mb file was downloaded -" getpubliccontent" no extension!
i even tried re- naming the file as a .skp but no joy!
I tried downloading other files and they work … just the one i need doesn’t work !!!

Just tried downloading using Chrome!!
got the write file! Its working fine!

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