Can't download model from 3D Warehouse


I see an old thread on this topic, but I have just installed Sketchup Make 2016 (on 8/4/2016) on my macbook pro (10.9.5) and I am not able to download.

  • File -> 3D Warehouse -> Get Models…
  • Search ‘pvc pipe’
  • Select ‘PVC Sailboat’ by Teddy Bear
  • nothing happens

I restarted the mac, repeated the above, same behavior. This is all within the Sketchup app, so I am not aware if Chrome, Firefox etc. issues apply. My default browser is Chrome.

Can anyone help?

While you may use Chrome as your default browser, SketchUp uses only Safari on Mac.

I downloaded the file without problem. Looks like it came along with a bunch of garbage.

Do you get any response or indication of anything after you click on Download?

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Thanks for your response. There was no feedback on the page when I
clicked - ie. as if I did not click.

Colin Goldberg

Cursor should change to Move cursor to place… It worked for me, too. Try the same thing in a browser - sounds like some issue on your network if that doesn’t work.