Downloading a 3D printable .stl file in SketchUp Free

I’m new to this whole 3D scene so hopefully this is a newby question that is easy to resolve. So, upon first entering SketchUp Free, there appeared to be a 3D cartesian space and a guy standing there (who IS this guy?). I figured out how to draw my very simple item which is a small cylinder to be 3D printed and used as a camera filter body. I saved it to cloud and downloaded an .stl file to my hard disk which is understood to be standard input for many 3D printers. Then I found an online 3D printing site and uploaded the .stl file. It analyzed my file for printability and told me that it may be too large. This was surprising as my part is less than 2" diameter and 1/2 high. I pressed the site’s 3D view button and discovered that the entire cartesian space and the guy were included in the .stl file. My part was only a very small speck in the space. How do I isolate the part from everything else when downloading the .stl file? Thanks for any help…

Select and delete the man.

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