Saving in sketchUp free so I can 3D print

I’ve done a drawing in sketchUp free and have it saved. Now id like to print (3D) it using Cura. How/can i export the drawing to my printing program?

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse, check the “make printable” option when you upload. Wait a few minutes and the .stl file will be generated which you can then download from the warehouse.

For the download, access the 3D Warehouse through the website - NOT from within SketchUp Free.

Correction!!! It looks like it can be done completely within SketchUp Free!

I think this is new!

From the change log.

since august 2017

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Replying to both @DaveR and @mics_54

It’s time for me to freely admit that my knowledge of SketchUp Free is minimal! Before today, it was only what I read on this forum as I’ve had no need to try it myself.

My (now revealed as mistaken) impression of the process to create a .stl file from a SketchUp Free model was derived solely from what I’ve read (and remembered!) here. Today, AFTER making my first reply, I thought it worthwhile to actually try it myself. Since my recollection was that it was a multi-step process, I was surprised to find the .stl download - and assumed it was a new feature.


I like this forum. It’s so helpful with people like you and DaveR and others so eager to help. And it gives me something to do while waiting to be inspired to actually model something.

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