Download sketchup and vray for mac

I’ve read that there are problems with SketchUp 2022 on a iMac, i need to install sketchup and vray in a MacBookAir 13.1 what can i do, some one can guide me because I’ve never install nothing always another person do it for me, i don’t want to mess everything in lap

Where did you read that and what problems specifically?

Follow the instructions here:

well technically, if you are installing SU22 on a mac running 13.1 you might have issues, since ventura (13.3) is not technically compatible with 22.

you’d need to install 23.

Have no idea whats SU22, i google it and its a Air Force model lol, so i need to install the 23 and my mac its not going to be slower than a turtle?

SU22=SketchUp 2022

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Do you have an intel or an M1/M2 MacBook Air?, if its an M1 or M2 your Mac shouldn’t get slow. What you were told is that even though sketchup 2022 can run on macOS Ventura, its not officially supported, so probably you could have eventual crashes, I never had any problem on it, anyway Sketchup 2023 supports macOS Ventura, so its more stable.

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