SU 2016 SU 2017 & macOS Sierra?


I am wondering if SU 2016 works well with macOS Sierra?
Also, how is SU 2017 working with macOS Sierra?
Debating if i should upgrade to macOS Sierra


not very,…

there was one emergency v16 ‘Sierra’ patch, just prior to the v17 release [due to so many macOS problems]…

El Capitan will run both su16 and su17…

Sierra runs v17 [with a couple of glitches for some graphic card versions]…

search the forum for more details…



I’ve been wondering the same thing for the same reasons. Steve Baumgartner seems to be doing ok with Sierra, but others have had problems. I’m holding off for now myself.


See this pinned thread:

:pushpin: SketchUp and macOS Sierra



I’ve been used the SketchUp Pro 2016 and 2017 on Mac OS Sierra at the very first day, since this new version of Mac OS delivered. At the beginning it just a little bit buggy and when I used the Vray 2.0, it crashed from time to time.

But since apple delivered the update of the OS, it works much better than the beginning. Since I updated the new OS, which is 10.12.2, the Sketchup and Vray don’t crash and be buggy anymore. So most buggy stuffs are depends on which version of OS your Mac is running on.