Download manager says "Forbidden" when trying to download SketchUp Make


Forgive me for reposting something I’ve said elsewhere, but I’m struggling to download Make.
This is what I posted in a post earlier today:

I’ve used SketchUp for years, going all the way back to before it became part of Google.
When I recently had to replace my computer, I moved from an old Mac to a new PC.
I wanted to install SU on the PC itself, as I live in a rural area with a very poor connection, so SketchUp Free isn’t an option. I went to to download the appropriate version. I ran Checkup first, to make sure that my laptop is compatible (it is!).
Now for the problem- every attempt to download a version, whether within Google Chrome or Opera or using Ninja Download Manager fails and I’m told Forbidden.
Can anyone suggest a way that I can successfully download a version of Make that will function on my setup? Thanks

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