Sketchup Make download failing with 403 error


Browser: Firefox 50.1.0
Downloader: Download Ninja Build 33

It’s a couple of years since the last time I used Sketchup. I have a new project so I thought i’d download the latest version (Make 2017).

Problem- The download has failed 3 times in succession.


Each time the download got to exactly 30MB (out of about 145 I believe) and stopped with a “403 Forbidden” error.

I have a slow Internet connection (~1Mbit on a good day) and i’m concerned the Sketchup site might have a timeout limit set on downloads. If so i’m not sure how i’m going to be abel to get the file, as it will take about half an hour to download the installer file on my connection.

Any ideas?

A comment from the community web site team would be helpful.


download from here preferrably by using a reliable download manager extension.


It looks as if Download Ninja was the problem. Downloading using Firefox alone worked.

I’m wondering if Download Ninja tries to break the download into chunks, but the Sketchup download site doesn’t allow restarts.