What’s up with SketchUp Make?

Later versions of SU can save older format types

Yes but it was annoying getting people sending me files to resave them in an older format. I also couldn’t use some newer plugins and stuff from the 3D warehouse.

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Moved testing to a machine at work today to see how an unlimited internet speed (300 meg+) and power (8 cores 16 threads assigned ) would perform with SketchUp Free.

The operating system was Windows 10 and tried for 15 minutes on three different internet browsers. The rendering issues were for the most part reduced or eliminated as

seen in my home machines. But I’m still getting on all three runs the occasional “Long running script” errors and delays until the browser can catch up. Zooming in helps as stated

but when running scenes of the final project there are long delays and “glitiching” between transitions. I understand the following of the rest of the industry into the cloud but

the when it comes to performance of a CAD tool there is a great need for improvements before SktechUp Free will come close to the native running tool. If in the future a native

SketchUp ( No-layout, or Styles) CAD only for Woodworkers, and Makers users I would pay for such a tool! Keep up the great work and I hope your able to overcome the

performance problems. Or as I predict and I have started to see a shift by some application sellers get out of the cloud and drive more native solutions.

Same here in Australia where our spanky new National Broadband Network is hopelessly inadequate for working on-line. An hour of uninterrupted internet use is still just a dream.


I’m still with a no operative computer but I get sad reading this. A web based software can do nothing against a desktop one (in my opinion, for sure).
Take a look a Google Spreadsheet, it has no possible comparison to OpenOffice or Excel, and I work with all of them, working alone and in team (in my opinion again), I will keep with 2017 so far.

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Not STL importer. =(

I’ve been using Sketchup for years, however I’ve never had an account here and I’ve made one just to say how disappointing this is. Sketchup Free is in no way a substitute for Make, and Pro is simply too expensive for the average hobbyist. The loss of effective keyboard shortcuts, plugins, extensibility, and customizability in no way makes up for ‘instant access’ (on good internet only) models. I have never found Sketchup’s native functionality to suit my needs, and have always relied on a host of plugins to accomplish what I want. Sketchup Free simply doesn’t do what I need it to.

And I have just started teaching myself Ruby.

Please reconsider this approach. Either by making a more affordable option for users to upgrade to Pro, or by continuing to support and develop Make. I’ve used Sketchup for so long, I find myself seriously perturbed by this.


Yet you can afford a computer (one to run SketchUp well costs more than SketchUp) and an Internet connection.

I am now talking mostly about people in the “first world”.
I started using SketchUp Pro when there was no free version available, and I purchased it mainly to use as a toy. The license I own personally has not yet earned me any money (I also have access to SU at work). Many westerners have a large collection of toys, many much more expensive than mine.

SketchUp Pro costs about half of the price of a decent bicycle.

At work, when I take a single flight to a worksite and back, I use much more money than the cost of a single license of SketchUp Pro.

Many people use more money than the cost of SketchUp Pro to buy a mobile phone while a phone that works perfectly to place calls and send text messages costs a tenth of that.

You can buy something like 7 computer games for the price of SketchUp. I don’t play computer games. I play with SketchUp.

Why are people happy to spend money on all kinds of gadgets but not software? What makes physical objects more valuable than pure information? Would SketchUp seem more valuable if it still came on a DVD?


@Anssi, I think you forgot an important one that costs loads of money:

p.s. … and your health!


Like most things, you 'll hardly hear when something is working, most accounts on (any) forum are made because something is broken. (It would be nice to see more accounts being made for sharing positive vibes, though)
If one has been taking advantage of SketchUp Make for years, one might reconsider that approach as well.

the privacy is already here, just easier to do by ignoring your Make EULA and adding plugins…

future piracy will come with the additional concerns for trojans, etc… which will deter many of the current casual pirates…


As long as they don’t do it with Pro, that is my biggest worry at the moment.

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He is talking about what would happen if sketchUp Pro would change to a web based app…

I’ve used SketchUp Make for years and now use it mainly for 3D printing projects. I’ve never paid, nor would I pay, for the Pro version. It is good free software but, in my opinion, has too many flaws to spend money on.

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So you happily steal the ability to print.
I’m constantly stunned by the fact that people believe they have a right to free software.
How many things do you give away for free!


Sounds like entitlement to me.

I don’t see how this makes sense. Spend a day or two to disable pro features from the free version or spend months to write and test a separate application for a web page. Instead of updating the program for windows 7, windows 10, and mac OS now the developers have to not only write the web app and associated web pages but have to test them on and bug fix them for chrome, firefox, edge, and internet explorer. I have been using this program since google sketchup 6 was the current version available and since then there hasn’t been any radical change on how i use the program in all of the years i have been using it. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to me to stop supporting a product that people have been using for years when all you need to do is disable the pro features. This move isn’t cost defective since trimble would need to spend more on their legal department to combat piracy.

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A large majority of schools have switched to Chomebooks or iPads and everyone else has a browser…

IMHO, catering to this market makes a lot of sense…

the last two versions have added a great deal of internal functionality purely to support Pro features…

if you turned them all off you end up with a copy of v17 Make…

it’s still available…


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I agree with you, I think the sketchup´s ruby console and the 3dwarehouse makes the difference among other free and more powerful 3d modelers like blend.

The sketchup became a universal tool and library of models beyond the google brand, Trimble brand because of the 3d warehouse/ruby console. The sketchup tool itself is only a simple and unattractive tool for professionals.

And they only have so many 3d models because of sketchup make and the thousand of teenagers, children, personal users and self employed architects designers .

The companies that earn contributing to the 3dwarehouse are companies of furniture, lighting, etc because 3dwarehouse is a free advertising site. And the best models are usually downloaded and bought physically.

The clients usually wants the same furniture(the beaultiful ones) they saw in sketchup model.

The people off Trimble can make a effort and think other ways to make profit, as WhatsApp, facebook, google, etc estimulating a social network with models, to turn it self sustainable.

They can’t´t see that the money isn’t in the sketchup but in the 3dwarehouse. Many people would pay for a model of a new car, furniture, if it costs cents, like music in the iTunes or monthly, like Spotify.

Erik(from Brazil)

sorry about my English(with the help of FREE google translator).