Download authorization

I downloaded the latest version of sketchup make 2017 from Trimble. Do I have the right to share the installation file on my YouTube channel (from the Drive)? Or do I just have to give the link to Trimble?

We on this forum are users, not lawyers. You should ask your lawyer. IMO the safe thing is to share the link to Trimble. Users would have a trusted source.

As a user, for security reasons alone I would never download a commercial software package from some random person’s YouTube channel or web site (as @Anssi mentioned).

The Eula is pretty clear about it, imo.

2.5 License restrictions:

“You shall not (and shall not allow any third party to) (a)…(b) distribute, sell etc.

Thank you all for your answers, so I will only put the link for the downloads.

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