Download as .stl always in mm, why not inches?

Using Sketchup for Schools, the “download as stl” is always downloading in mm, even if the design was drawn in inches.

When importing the downloaded stl file into slicing software, including Cura and Afinia, the model is coming in as mm, not in inches, and is therefore much smaller than the design as it was created in SketchUp.

Are there plans to fix this? Thanks much.

I understand that actually a STL file is unitless, and the slicer application and its settings decide what import unit to use.

Hmm that is interesting. The folks at Afinia were indicating that it was
the exporting software that held the units.
Thank you for your reply.


@Anssi Is correct. .STL files include measurements, but nothing tying those number to specific units. The important part is that the exporting and importing programs agree on the unit to be used.

Thanks a lot!

So, on the SketchUp side, you choose from here what the units represent?
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How about some examples of where to set them on the slicer’s import side?

Thanks RT,
We are using SketchUp for Schools, so there doesn’t appear to be a settings
window to indicate Model Units. When you create a New Design you can choose
units, but it is always exporting the stl as mm, it would seem, as both
Cura and Afinia import into their slicing softwares as mm. Is there a
setting I’m missing on SketchUp for Schools?


Oh, I see your point. And SUfSchools doesn’t support copy and paste between two sessions, which is what I’m used to on the desktop: copy the model, switch to an open file in mm (actually one with a bounding box for the 3D printer’s volume capacity) and paste it there.

It looks like you can do this:
1 )Save your model.
2) Open a new model and select the one with mm.
3) Select insert from the folder menu
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4) Find your saved file and insert it.

It looks like it’s now in mm

that Template should be BANNED…

Edges 15282
Faces 418
Component Instances 25
Guides 0
Guide Points 0
Groups 0
Images 0
3d Polylines 0
Section Planes 0
Dimensions 0
Text 0
Classification Types 0
Classified Entities 0
Component Definitions 25
Layers 1
Materials 2
Styles 1

you do not want all this bloat, especially in the Web versions of SU that can’t even use the DC abilities…



Agreed! That template is a poorly thought-out attempt to let people see the limits of the printer volume so they are sure the object will fit. But there are much lighter-weight ways to accomplish that goal!

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I never looked at all those stats. What is all that stuff? 3D text?

You can easily make your own with all of 12 edges, I would think.

Or no edges…

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