Sketchup saved STLs open in wrong scale (cura)


My Sketchup files are in inches. Object is grouped as single entity. When I open the file in Cura the scale is not correct. Saving same file as .dae - Cura opens those just fine.

Also: my 2nd piece of confusion - importing STLs into Sketchup. Can’t see any way to do that - what am I missing?


do have the stl extension?



The STL file format has no unit information.
So you need to know what the units are that your software expects.

As John mentioned, install the STL import/export extension:


Yes, I downloaded the Sketchup STL extension. In the Menu Bar under File there is now an
"export STL" option. But there is nothing I find for importing STLs. Not in the Export/3D Model list.


Why are you looking under File>Export if you want to import an STL file? You’d have better luck if you look in File>Import.


Dave - Thanks for pointing me to what I had failed to notice.
Yep! there it is in the list (hiding in the shadow of its full name).
I cop to a case of 'acronym blindness!'
Thank you,