Dovetail Plugin

I have been looking through the warehouse to obtain a plugin to do my dovetails. I have seen articles written by Dave Richards recommending WudWorx but I cannot find it in the Warehouse… I also need a free one so I am not sure if there is one available. I am using Sketchup Pro 2018.

Just wondering if someone could point me in he right direction.


Wudworx is not free but it’s not that expensive, either. It’s available from here.

You might have a look at K2WS Tools although I have no idea if it works in anything later than SU2014. It hasn’t been updated since then. I know that the Wudworx tools work just fine in SU2018 and even SU2019.

You can use native SketchUp tools to create dovetails quickly. All you need to do is create one pin shape. Here’s a video I did last year that shows the technique, which involves lots of copying or cuttng and pasting shapes in place. But it’s fast and easy:

Hope this helps.

Take a look at this one
And the video
Its free. But in french only

Joe Zeh at Swamp Roads Woodworking wrote a dovetail script in his Construction Plus suite of tools. I do not see it on his web site but he did send me an updated version as I use his wood expansion calculator all the time and it is part of that suite of tools.