Dovetail layout tool

Does anyone know of an extension/tool that will do dovetail layouts?

Ideally, such a tool would allow the user to supply the angle ratio, the thickness of the boards and the width of the boards and would allow the user to specify whether the dovetails are exposed or hidden.

Yes. I use the dovetail tool from Wudworx which makes through and half blind dovetails a walk in the park.

The half blind dovetails here were drawn using it. The backs of the drawers are dovetailed with through DTs.

All the dovetails on this tool chest were also done with it.

Half blind with needle pins:

This shows the through DTs on traditional drawers.

One more with through dovetails with pins and tails left slightly proud.


Thank you, Dave! And, my best wishes for a Happy New Year (a bit belatedly)!

I searched the Extension Warehouse and came up dry but I remembered that I had asked this question before and got a tool to do this.

I’ll check Wudworx and see if I can download it.


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