Double Cut vs Profile Builder's Hole Tool

Until now I have been cutting holes with PB’s Hole Tool and after that placing a door in that opening. No problem there.

In order to save a few clicks I started placing doors and windows with Double Cut. It works fine and I do save a few clicks. However, when I cut the model to generate a plan view and toggle Section Fill on the wall containing the door does not get filled. The reason is that the wall is no longer solid, as it contains the door (as we know DC does not open holes in groups). The message from Solid Inspector mentions “nested groups”.

Is there a solution to this problem? As I extract plans for most of my models it seems wiser to keep using Hole Tool.

See the attached image: the walls containing doors are not filled.


I am puzzled. Taken that section fill is orange I see that a wall is filled where it should’t be (door to right long bedroom).
As for walls that don’t get filled, check for gaps in the loop/perimeter of the section cut. All the faces that are being cut and thus forming a certain loop need to be in the same drawing context.
All that section fill needs is a close loops in the context of the section plane itself or in any nested levels that it cuts.
However (not relevant here), with more than one loop within each other section fill will skip filling rings. So center, then ring 2, then ring 4, then ring 6 etc. get filled.

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You are right to be puzzled but that door is one floor down so it is not really being filled.

As for section fill needing close loops, I know all that. The problem here is that there is a group inside the wall (the door). Exploding the door would make it more complicated than not using Double Cut.


I have just sent you a private message. Thanks for caring!