Help with wall modeling

I think I’ve learned that in order for ‘fill’ to appear inside walls of a section cut that the walls must be modeled as complete solids - any open face will result in the section fill not appearing. So first, am I correct about that?

Second, the posted screenshot shows that I have modeled walls in separate groups: 1,2,3, &4. This results in a compartmentalized section through the plan. In other words edge lines of the groups appear “inside” walls where I want no lines to appear and where I want the interior ‘section-fill’ to be continuous like a normal professional working drawing.

I found it necessary to model these walls in separate Groups. Is it now necessary to combine all of these Groups into one Group in order to get the smooth continuous section-fill?

Walls 1

Not really, but the section cut edges need to form a closed loop with all in the same context. For a plan view, it makes no difference if the top or bottom of the wall has a face or not.

I have combined all of the above Groups into one Group. I did it by exploding all of the separate Groups and combining all entities into one Group. I did this working in a Tab labeled ‘Working Model’.

Then I went through all of the intersections and cleaned them out working in 3D making sure the interior space of the entire wall system was clean and continuous. Then I updated the Tab.

The changes are not reflected in the section cut of the plan of the walls. The section plan cut of the walls exists in a Tab labeled ‘Main Floor Pln’,
I made sure that Outliner in the ‘Main Floor Pln’ Tab reflected the changes made in the ‘Working Model’ Tab. I then updated the ‘Main floor Pln’ Tab. but no luck eliminating compartmentalized walls.

I’m stumped and confused.

Wait, … I think I might have found the issue.

Yep - found the problem.
I had a Group turned on that needed to be turned off.
My Outliner is getting kind of complicated.
Looking forward to moving into the world of Tags.

Yes tags is the best way to hide and show groups. Then you can save scenes, remembering the On and off tags.

If you want the wall groups you’ve made, you could hide the face where the groups touch (takes extra work, for example at a “T” between two groups. Then there wouldn’t be thick edge there in the section, yet the groups will still give section fill.

Make sure you follow the rule of keeping ALL geometry untagged. Only objects (groups and components) get tags.

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Roger that and thanks ya’ll.