Dotted lines show behind curved surfaces after printing to pdf

Suddenly my exported pdf/vector file contains dotted lines, as shown in the image, which before were not there. Anyone has an idea to remove/disable these lines in the plot


Thanks in advance!

Are the dotted lines visible on your screen or only in the print? Can you upload the file here (seventh icon across the top of the post window) so we can diagnose.

If dots are on your screen then View>EdgeStyle>BackEdges toggle off.

If they are a quirk of the PDF export (it happens) let us look at the file, or export as PNG first then convert to PDF?

Thanks for the amazingly quick response! Everything looks right in the model and the dots only appear when printed to PDF using high accuracy hlr.
The size of my model is just 2000kb too big for uploading and when removing all components from the model the problem with the plotting was also gone - could it be that a certain component it causing this to happen? I will now experiment with removing them one by one and come back when I know!

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