Dotted Line Issue

Good morning,

I have come across a problem with the new dotted line feature within layers. I only want one line to be dotted within my object but when I make it into a component it converts all of my lines to dotted. Is there a way around this?

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Make the component, go into it, put your line on its own layer, and make that layer be dotted.

Hi Colin,

They are all on layer 0, apart from the lefthandside line being on the dot layer.
Please see below:



Is there something I’m doing incorrectly in my video?

Criticism or joke?

I noticed the edge of adjacent shape also changed to dashed.
Was this edge on same layer?

It was leftover from my previous test, so also happened to be on Layer2.

The advice of going into the group/component, selecting the edge by itself and assigning the edge to the dashed layer will get the best result.

Out of curiosity, and to help us understand your use cases. Is there something specific you are aiming to communicate or achieve by making the single edge dotted? Does the singular edge have special significance compared to the others?