New dashed line feature translating to layout

Has anyone played with the new dashed line feature and layout? I thought this feature would be perfect for an aspect of my work, but when I make put the dashed lines on a surface and then bring it into layout it doesn’t translate perfectly… The lines from a head on view don’t show up correctly and from a side view they show up when they shouldn’t. It fixes the problem if I go to raster instead of vector, but raster doesn’t have the detail that I need.

I’ve used the dashes feature quite a lot and it works fine for me. Maybe you could upload an example LO file that shows the problem you are having.

So I want it to be in vector with a low line weight for detail and for it to not show up on the side view.

You able to access that?

Sorry. I’ve been busy with paying work.

Take a look at this. Does it look closer to what you want?
example.pdf (48.4 KB)

I noticed you are using layers incorrectly in SketchUp. You have geometry (edges and faces) scattered about various layers. Geometry should always be created AND remain on Layer 0 in SketchUp.

That is what I’m looking for but I see that you made the line weight pretty thick. I need it to be able to see the detail within those little dots (which I achieve by adjusting the line weight down).

And can you elaborate? That model in particular was not very disciplined. I put that line on its own layer in order to get the dashed line. Do you mean all raw lines and faces should be on layer0? But groups and components can be put on different layers? Would you have put that line in a group before putting it on a dashed line layer?

I made the lineweight for the main view of the model 0.6 point which really isn’t very heavy. Your circles are pretty small on the page. You can certainly make the lines thinner if you want. I thought you were really only interested in making the dashed lines thinner than the other lines which would be common.

Yes. This is a basic rule for working in SketchUp. Only components and groups get other layer assignments. The edges and faces inside them remain on Layer 0.

Put the edges you want to show as dashed into a group or component and assign that group or component to a layer with a dash style selected. I did that with your model. For the screen shot below, I’ve moved the Roof Offset group out in front of the rest of the model.

Absolutely. The dashes thing is no reason to break the cardinal rule about layers.

In order to be able to show the dashes with a different lineweight than the rest of the model, I made two different scenes. One showing only the model, the other showing only the dashed lines.

Then I created an additional layer in LayOut and stacked the viewport for the offset above the one of the model. Since they are separate viewports now, the weight can be set for each one individually.

FWIW, if you keep Layer 0 active at all times and you leave all edges and faces on Layer 0, you have no need to be chasing active layers like you do in programs like AutoCAD. Your workflow will be smoother and easier.

Thats awesome Dave, I didn’t think about that thank you! I appreciate the tips.

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