Dotted/Dashed Edges of Components

Does anyone know how to get these dashed edges to look normal again? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t figure out how to correct it! It happened all of a sudden and I’m stuck.


Actually hard to tell from the photo,

Best guess is that you have changed the edge style to dashed for the tag that geometry is assigned to. Open the Tags window and check that everything in the dashes column is default.

Better upload your model here to get a definitive answer.

It could be a style setting like Endpoints as @endlessfix suggests. It might also be that you’ve given a dash style to a tag that you’ve put on those components. As Riley said, sharing your .skp file will help get you the definitive answer.

AH!! I was drawing on an untagged layer and it was indeed set to dashes. What I simple fix. Thank you both for the replies and for helping me out. I appreciate it!

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You should be leaving Untagged as active at all times. ALL edges and faces should be created AND remain untagged. Only groups and components should be give tags. There are no layers in SketchUp. Tags are something you put ON objects (components and groups) in the model.


Semantics. Tags is the new name for things that are called layers in other applications.

True, but I think it makes more sense to put tags on objects than objects on tags. And you should never be “drawing on a tag”.


That is a prime example of the confusion caused by the name change. In other applications, a “tag” corresponds mostly to what in SketchUp is called a “label”, an identifying text attached to an object.

This tip has REALLY helped my modeling process since you posted it. I appreciate you chiming in!

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