Dotted lines along plywood

Hi All,
Does anyone know why there are dotted lines along the edge of the roof plywood?
They were not there the last time I opened this file, and I tried deleting the plywood and pasting it from a different model (shame structure shape), and they still appeared.

The geometry is not hidden or curved, so many of the discussions I have come across do not seem relevant.

I am sure it is a simple answer, But I am a little foggy this morning.

Thanks in advance,

Loos like you’ve given the tag for those components a dashed style. Sharing the .skp file would make it easier for us to help you.

Thank you.
Here’s a link to the .skp file:

Tag has dashed style.
Screenshot - 10_27_2023 , 10_34_08 AM

Yeah. Looking in the layer window, I see a dashed style:

problem solved.
thank you, Dave.

Brain fart morning.

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Good deal and you’re welcome.

By the way, speaking of tags, I see a lot of incorrect tag usage. You should be keeping all edges and faces untagged. Oly components and groups should be given tags.
Screenshot - 10_27_2023 , 10_36_20 AM

(Sheepish look)
Ummm. Yeah. I didn’t realize I had edges or faces tagged.

I usually draw a shape, make it a group, stretch it into what I want, and tag it as “rafter” or whatever. Not sure how the edges and faces are getting tagged. Will look into it and try to streamline my workflow.

thanks again,

It might be that you exploded groups after making them. The contents of groups and components inherit the tag when the object is exploded.

TIG’s layer watcher will change tagged elements to untagged after explode