Only part of my tag will turn into a dashed line, in both SketchUp and Layout

I want to make the existing floorpan tag into dashed lines, but when I switch it from default only part of the footprint is dashed lines. I tried approaching it from the Layout side of things, and modifying the line style to have a lighter line width, but the same thing happened. Any suggestions?
Corbin:Seymour.skp (14.7 MB)

This is a typical problem when tags are used incorrectly. The edges in your floor plane are all tagged and tagged differently. You can see this by selecting the geometry and looking at the Tag field in Entity Info. The fact it is blank indicates multiple tags are involved.

Removing tags from geometry results in this:
Screenshot - 5_6_2024 , 11_43_07 AM

Best practice is to leave ALL edges and faces untagged and give tags to groups and components in the model. This will make managing things like showing edges with dashes easier. It will also prevent errors that will make the wrong things disappear when tag visibility is changed.

FWIW, I don’t assign dash styles to tags in SketchUp. I do that per viewport in LayOut instead. That allows the same geometry to be shown as solid lines in one viewport and as dashed in another. There’s more control over the display of dashes within LayOut anyway.

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Ah gotcha, I brought in the CAD file, so I think that is where I got loused up…not cleaning it up enough.
And yes, I like using the Layout line control option. Thanks for the help, as usual, Dave!

Very likely that’s it. I would suggest that the next step after importing the CAD file would be to deal with those edges. There are a couple of options. If you need to keep the CAD layers as tags in the SketchUp model, turn all the tags off and then turn one on at a time and group the visible geometry and give it the tag. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the tags. After you complete that, run TIG’s Default Tag Geometry (from Sketchucation) to remove tags from all of the geometry. I think there’s an extension somewhere that will group all geometry by the tag is has been given. I’ll have to do a bit of hunting but it might save you time. No matter what, though, untag the geometry.

After that go on with the modeling as needed making sure you stick to the untagged geometry.

You’re quite welcome for any help I’ve given.

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