Door cutting wall made from a DWG file object?

is anyone able to give me a step by step process, on how to make a cuttable door from an imported dwg file. please?
I have exported a few doors from Revit into dwg files and started to clean them up and re-saved as skp files for now.
I want to learn how to make those dwg doors and windows , become cuttable SketchUp openings.
I have the Double Cut plug, and running SU Pro 2020
Can anyone help please ?

Without having the Double-Cut extension, but this is the idea of creating a component to cut a face, and that component to be built based on an imported model (your imported Revit door/window).

In your case, once the Double-Cut extension is activated, this component will become double-cuttable through a wall (two sides). Watch Justin when activated the plugin

Official tutorials:

Hi mihai.s,

thank you very much for taking the time to make the demonstration - very clear,

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