Domain Registration Requests

Can someone please check my domain registration, we are still getting the are you in the right place messages.

@SpeckleD and @sknott

The manual registration process is generally only required for G Suite suers, and as it sounds like you are both using MSFT Education there may be a different issue at play in your case. I would recommend removing the app from your domain and then redeploying it to ensure that you’re up to date with any changes that MSFT may have made. The following link includes current deployment instructions, and if you are still experiencing access issues after this please let us know.

@Mads We’ve manually registered your domain, but please ensure that the app has been properly deployed according to the following process. Without proper deployment to the domain your students will be unable to access SketchUp for Schools.
(How to deploy SketchUp for G Suite users)

Hi @Tori_SU - Thank you, it works

Hi there.

Our Google Workspace domain - - needs to be whitelisted.

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