Domain Registration Requests

Hi Casey,
It appears that our primary domain ( is already allowed, but our student domain ( is not. Would you mind making sure both domains are added to the allowed list?
Thank you!

Thanks for the posts everyone, I’ll try and address everything I can in a single post.

@bchsjanderson, thanks for providing everything I needed in a single post. I added the domains to the database manually yesterday and you should be all set to deploy the app as per the directions. Just make sure you deploy it properly in order to avoid any abnormal behavior later on when the students start using it. Improper deployment can cause issues.

@bsargent, If you are still having issues, can you try clearing your cache? Sometimes things get stuck in there that are not meant to be in there. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll ask around and see if I can find any additional suggestions.

@mggoogle, Good news! You are already in the database. If you are experiencing login issues, we might need to take a look at some other settings on your end to make sure everything is as it should be for your students. Is it possible to get a screenshot of what you are seeing?

@dcasey I just added the requested domain to our database. You should be all set to deploy the app via your super admin account. Just follow the directions as you deploy the app to make sure that everything will work for the students later on. If you are still running into issues please feel free to post again so I can help you get up and running.

@CaseyG Thanks for adding our domain. It looks like we are still having issues getting in, even after clearing cache (all time) with everything checked except passwords. I went through and installed it as a super Google Admin, approved for all users, accepted, etc. Thoughts? If I should post elsewhere I apologize.

No problem @bchsjanderson. I’ll ask @Tori_SU and see if they have any ideas. I’lll get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

Just heard back from them. They are suggesting we run through all the steps outlined in this thread just to make sure we are covering all our bases: User Error - #51 by Tori_SU, specifically the ones outlined in post 51. It should be the one at the bottom as of the time I wrote this post. If there are still issues after that, we may have a bigger issue we need to address.

@CaseyG I am working with a teacher on this. We both cleared our cache and we both are getting the same Are you in the right place error. I checked to make sure I had 3rd part cookies allowed, and there aren’t any pop-ups blocked. I reviewed permissions in Google admin and their was one Oauth client that needed to be allowed and I did it. I’m kind of at a loss and the teacher is very frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please add

Please add
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the delay, things around the office have been less than ideal lately.

@bernie_noel I was able to verify your K-12 status and found everything I needed on your website and will have you added to our database in the next few minutes. By the time you are able to see this post you should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure to follow all the steps outlined in the setup documentation as improper deployment can cause a number of issues later on.

As for you @djo, I’ll send you a private message to verify a few things as soon as I can. Once that is all verified I can get you added to the database too.

We have Google Classroom disabled. Can you please add


Please add the following domains to the registry please and whitelist: &

HI @RCCSDTech. Thanks for the post. I can get you added as soon as I can confirm some additional information from you. Thankfully, this information can almost always be found on school websites. I ran a quick search for the domain you linked but couldn’t find a website associated with it. Can you either post a link to your school or district website so I can confirm some details? After that I can add you to our database!

As for you @TrisquelInternationalScho, while you didn’t post a website link either, I was able to locate your site and get what I needed right away and will have you added to the database in the next few minutes. You should be set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions as skipping a step can cause issues later on.

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Sure, our website is

Thanks @CaseyG. I am still encountering the same issue which prompted me to request being whitelisted. I am able to login as an admin, but all users which have been added to the Sketchup App via the Azure Enterprise Application Service receive the following message: “Need admin approval…
…needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.”

I did not grant access through Azure before logging in as an admin for the first time. And it wasnt until it did not work for a student that I requested to be whitelisted. Azure has been set up and permissions granted but apparently I am missing something.

Can you point me in the right direction?
Thank you!

Hi @CaseyG, any updates on this? Thanks.

Hi @RCCSDTech, thanks for the post. I was sick the last few days. Thankfully it was nothing serious and I am back at work now. I’ll get you added to the database as soon as I can. You should be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure to follow all the instructions as you deploy the app and make sure you do it via your super admin to avoid any potential issues later on. Improper deployment can cause major problems when students go to access things later.

As for you @TrisquelInternationalScho, I am less familiar with Azure than I would like. I’ll ask around and see if I can find a next step for you. In the meantime, can you confirm that you followed all the steps outlined in the deployment process correctly? Also, some errors can be caused by a bad file getting stuck in the cache or an out of date cookie. You can also try clearing those out while I ask around to see if they fix it.

Hi again @TrisquelInternationalScho, I spoke with the team and they said to link you this video that should walk you through the deployment process and some basic troubleshooting steps.

Hopefully this helps get you up and running right away.

Dear Steve,

Please add our school domain

IT Tech

Can you please whitelist
Thank you!

Are schools still actively being whitelisted? I’d love to have our teachers be able to start using Sketchup for schools. Is there anything else I can do besides wait for a reply?

Could you add to the whitelist?